Inspectron, Inc. designs specific levels of service based on customer need. We can perform and administer all aspects of Building Code Compliance, Rental Housing Programs and Zoning Code Administration or contract for specific projects or peak activity periods.

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Building Official Services and Zoning Services

Inspectron, Inc. provides full Building and Zoning Department administration through enforcement of the Minnesota State Building Code and the local Zoning Ordinance. We are fully computerized for issuing building permits, scheduling and tracking inspections, preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual permit activity reports, state surcharge reports and census reports. We are set up to function as a jurisdiction’s Building Department handling everything from permit application intake through Certificate of Occupancy for commercial, industrial, residential, public and multifamily projects. We track each step in the process for accurate record keeping and project documentation.

Temporary Staffing

Inspectron, Inc.’s qualified and experienced staff can be placed in a jurisdiction to perform inspections and plan reviews during peak periods of construction. We can also supply short term or long term staffing for jurisdictions that need help due to a leave of absence, staff turnover, illness and vacation.

Building Official – Our services as interim Building Official and Building Official mentoring sets us apart from other firms. The State Building Codes and Standards Division has recognized Inspectron, Inc.’s ability to provide this service.

Inspectors – We provide certified inspectors to perform inspections of commercial and residential projects during peak construction activity or to fill in for staff during vacation, illness or employee turnover. Inspectron, Inc. can also do inspection consultation. We work with and accompany jurisdiction staff on inspections for problem resolution and compliance confirmation.

Plan Reviewers – Our qualified staff will provide written plan reviews for all aspects of construction including residential, commercial, industrial, multi-family and public projects. Our experience includes casinos, hospices, hospitals, schools, colleges, wastewater treatment facilities and churches.

Zoning Administration

Zoning Administration includes checking permit applications for compliance with zoning district standards including permitted uses, dimensional standards and recommending variances when appropriate. Inspectron, Inc. coordinates with and assists the Planner and Planning Commission in zoning matters. Inspectron, Inc. can also perform zoning violation and compliance inspections. We have a developed procedure for violation documentation and enforcement from first inspection through court hearing.

Rental Housing Program Administration and Inspection

Inspectron, Inc is experienced in administering Rental Housing licensing and inspection programs. We will work with the jurisdiction to adopt a program, hold meetings with rental property owners to familiarize them with program requirements, perform and track inspections and issue licenses. Inspectron, Inc. can coordinate the entire program or perform a specific aspect of the program.

Individual Sewage Treatment Systems (ISTS)

Inspectron, Inc. ISTS inspectors are fully MPCA certified and licensed. We perform a written plan review of the proposed design and perform the as built inspection of the installed system. Documentation is kept on file electronically with paper copies provided to the county, owner and installer.

Fire Code Plan Review and Inspection

Inspectron, Inc. can provide complete review and inspection of Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm Systems. As a member of NFPA, we are able to provide copies of current and archived Fire Code Sections.