Why do I need a building permit?
What projects do I need a permit for?
How much does a permit cost?
Do I have to be licensed to pull a permit?
How do I apply for a permit?
What is the purpose of the plan review?
Do I need any other permits besides a Building Permit?
What inspections are required?
How do I schedule inspections?
Do I have to be there for the inspection?
How will I know the inspection passed?
Who is responsible for making sure the Building Code is followed?
What other permits do I need?
Who is responsible for calling for permits?

Your township or city adopted the State Building code to regulate construction, maintenance and remodeling to insure the safety of the buildings where we live, work and play. Permits are issued to make sure that the work is done in compliance with the Building Code. Building projects may need one or more permits to be obtained BEFORE the work can begin. Some permits may also require a review to determine zoning compliance.

In general a permit is required for most construction projects where something is being built, repaired, replaced or remodeled. You do not need a permit for projects where ONLY painting, wallpapering, and/or carpeting are being done. Below is a list of typical projects where a permit is required. This is not a complete list and you should contact Inspectron, Inc. at 651-322-6626 or 1-800-322-6153 if you have questions.

>>New residential, public and commercial building  construction
>>Roofing and Siding
>>Window/Door  Replacement
>>Decks and porches
>>Exterior stairs
>>Garages, Accessory Buildings
>>Sheds/green houses/utility buildings over 120 square feet
>>Kitchen and bath remodels
>>In-ground swimming pools and above ground pools 24” deep and over 150 sq feet in area
>>Basement or attic remodels
>>Demolition of a structure
>>Fences over 6 feet high
>>Plumbing work -  new and alterations or replacements
>>Heating/Air Conditioning – new and alterations or replacements
>>Electrical Wiring
>>Sprinkler systems

Permit fees vary by type of permit and are calculated using a variety of factors. Some permits like residential roofing permits have a flat fee. See the list of permit fees under the specific City or Township for more information.

  • Do I have to be licensed to pull a permit?

    If you are a homeowner, living in the residence you do not have to be licensed to perform work on your own home. Most contractors are required to be licensed. The State Department of Commerce established the rules for licensing of contractors. If you are hiring a contractor to do the work, you should ask your contractor if they are licensed. Be wary if a contractor asks you to apply for the building permit. Chances are they are NOT licensed. Inspectron verifies contractor licensing on building permit applications.

You must complete the permit application and submit it with the required submittal documents. The type of work you are doing will determine what additional information is needed to process your permit. Most projects require a completed application, a site plan and 2 sets of the project plan showing the construction details. See Handouts for more information on what is required for specific types of projects.

Once your application and project documents are received, a plan review will be done to confirm Zoning and Building Code compliance. The plan review process usually takes 5 to 7 working days, but during busy construction times, it can take up to 10 working days. If your documents require corrections or are incomplete, the process may take longer. When the plan review is complete, you will be contacted so you can pay for your permit and pick it up.

If you have any question about what is required for documentation or the application process, please contact Inspectron, Inc at our Rosemount office. (651-322-6626 or 1-800-322-6153) The main thing to remember is not to leave the permit application to the last minute.

The plan review determines compliance with the local ordinances and the applicable State Building Code. Most residential and all commercial construction projects require a plan review. However, some residential projects that don’t require a plan review are: siding, roofing, window replacement and miscellaneous repairs. They still require a completed permit application. Most residential plumbing and mechanical permits do not require a plan review.

That depends on the type of project. You may need a plumbing permit, mechanical permit and an electrical permit in addition to the Building Permit. Mechanical work refers to heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. You can get your plumbing and mechanical permit through Inspectron, Inc. The electrical permit is obtained through the State Board of Electricity. http://www.electricity.state.mn.us or 651-284-5064.

Again, that depends on the type of project. (See Handouts). Some of the more common required inspections are footings, foundation, framing, insulation, plumbing and heating. All projects require a final inspection. The permit applicant is responsible for calling for the inspections.

When you receive your permit, you will also receive a written plan review, a red-lined set of plans to keep at the project site for inspector reference, the permit and the inspection record. The inspection record and the project plans must be on site and easily found by the inspector. The inspection record lists the required inspections for your project in the order they are to be done. If you are unsure of what inspections need to be done for your project, call our office before the work begins.

Call our Rosemount office at 651-322-6626 or (800)-322-6153 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.  You will be asked for your permit number, project address, the inspection you are calling for and a contact name and phone number.

All inspections must be scheduled by talking to a live person.  You may leave inspection requests on the answering machine if you call after business hours.  However, inspection requests left on the answering machine will be confirmed by a return call from our office so make sure you leave a name and phone number.  

All inspections must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the desired date.  Inspections are done between 8:30 and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.  A re-inspection fee may be assessed for each requested inspection that is not ready at the agreed upon time. 

That depends on the project and the inspection.  If we need access to your home to perform the inspection, someone over the age of 18 must be present while we perform the inspection.  

The inspection record has a place for the inspector to sign off if the inspection passed.   If it did not pass, the inspector will leave an inspection report on site.  The inspection report will describe the code violation.  You will need to make the correction and call our office to schedule a re-inspection.  You may contact us at any time if you have questions.  We keep computerized records of the inspections performed on your projects for reference.

The person/company who signs the permit application is responsible for following the building code.  If you hire a contractor, the contractor must be licensed by the State.   See this site for more information.  (http://www.doli.state.mn.us/contractor.html)   If you are the homeowner and perform the work yourself, you are responsible for following the building code.  

A building inspection is done to verify at the time the inspector viewed the work, that the work was code compliant. The purpose of the inspection is to check the construction to verify substantial code compliance at the time of inspection.   Inspections do not and are not intended to guarantee every aspect of the work.  Inspections do not guarantee that the work is free of construction defects.  Contractors and material suppliers are responsible for problems associated with construction defects.  

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